A message to donors and well-wishers

As can be seen from the list of facilities the school is in dire need of financial and material.

Assistance is required in the following areas:

1.  A new Dormitory to cater for a 3rd stream and current over enrolment of Form One class due to a high demand for places since the school became the Iriaini Location Girls Only School 3 years ago.

2.  Library stock

3.  Laboratory Equipment

4.  Dining Hall furniture

5   Repair of classrooms

6.  Home Science complex

7.  Computers

8.  Staff houses

9.  Water harvesting facilities

10. Sanitation

11. Incinerator

We appeal to Donors and well wishers to assist us in the above areas so that our school can
become a "Centre of Excellence".  

A visit to our school will boost our Morale .

Thank you.

Mission and Vision

School Mission

To Acquire Knowledge and Skills for Life.

School Vision:

Determination to Accomplish the Best.

School Motto:

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Games and Sports

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