The club is very active. We meet in the lab over lunch hours (the form fours) and at four in the afternoon during clubs meetings.

The teachers In charge are Mr. Wanjohi for the Form Threes and Fours and Mrs. Macharia for the Form Ones and Twos. Here, students come up with questions from different topics and we all discuss them.

They call us the brains behind all Mathematics in Thunguri but we call it relaxation, since its all about joking and playing around with numbers. As long as we realize that there is nothing hard in Mathematics, then everyone would see it as fun

Mission and Vision

School Mission

To Acquire Knowledge and Skills for Life.

School Vision:

Determination to Accomplish the Best.

School Motto:

We have a Motto for every …

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Games and Sports

These are activities which an taken very seriously in the school. The school makes a point of providing the necessary skills needed …

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