Tuseme club


Tuseme - "To Speak Out"

Tuseme was started in 2006. The club started out as a way of the students to learn how to express themselves. Its main aim was for students to speak out. It has been active since then and other clubs such as Music, Drama, Debate, press, Science have been fused to form the club. Tuseme has been founded in other schools around the continent too.

Through this club a lot of girls have been helped to overcome their problems like F.G.M. and early marriages. It has also helped a lot of students in this school gain courage and confidence. Not only this but some whose careers are in mass communication have also been helped to sharpen their skills and exploit their talents and potential (as the Deputy, Mr. Githaiga always points out).

Mission and Vision

School Mission

To Acquire Knowledge and Skills for Life.

School Vision:

Determination to Accomplish the Best.

School Motto:

We have a Motto for every …

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The club is very active. We meet in the lab over lunch hours (the form fours) and at four in the afternoon during clubs meetings.

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