Catholic Action


The school has the Catholic Action(C.A) movement.

It has been very active over the years and the students have shown great improvement in their attendance including the mode of dressing which should be uniform.

Their motto being "Prayer, Action and Sacrifice", they have put it into practice by meeting for prayer sessions especially Saturday mornings where they say the Rosary before breakfast.

They also contribute some money for the maintenance of the equipments and during enrolments some are baptized, given the first Holy Communion and others confirmed. Their fellow students take the role of being their Godparents. They also sacrifice their time to meet in church and pray on Friday and Saturday evenings.

It is my hope that we’re going to keep up and become more active in this movement to strengthen it. In this we will grow spiritually and mentally strong.


Games and Sports

These are activities which an taken very seriously in the school. The school makes a point of providing the necessary skills needed …

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The club is very active. We meet in the lab over lunch hours (the form fours) and at four in the afternoon during clubs meetings.

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