Games and Sports

These are activities which an taken very seriously in the school. The school makes a point of providing the necessary skills needed in the various games in the school. The games master especially (Mr. Mwangi) is very serious. Students take the advantage of having such an opportunity to exploit their talent in the field for instance, several students qualified at the Divisional Athletics and proceeded to the District level during the second term of this year (2011).

The Zonal ball games which were held in our school proved that our teams are really made of substance since the girls for volleyball and football teams both are proceeding for Divisionals. There was no indiscipline cases reported on those days. Not all students are keen on practicing in the field and we urge them to be more active.

Although inter-housing compe­titions take place annually, only specific figures take part in the games.

All students are asked to participate in the field so as to be more active.

The school participate in handball;basket ball;netball;volleyball;soccer;indoor games;athletics and heptathlon.

 Mr. Mwangi, Games Master,

Assisted by:


MR. KAGERA                                                         MISS. KIRARA

MR. MUCHIRI                                                                              MISS.GITHUKU







The club is very active. We meet in the lab over lunch hours (the form fours) and at four in the afternoon during clubs meetings.

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Principal?s Message

Message from the Principal

My name is Mrs Florence Wachera Kimunya. I love Jesus as my personal Saviour, am married with 3 boys.

I am currently …

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