Guidance refers to offering advice to the students to show them the right direction. Couselling is an interaction process between a teacher, counselor and the student, counselee, in order to facilitate meaningful understanding of self and environment and results in changes in the behaviour of students be set with problems.

Guidance and counseling service has been defined as an organized service established as an integral part of the school environment designed to promote the development of students and assist them towards realization of sound wholesome adjustment and maximum accomplishment.

Structure of guidance and counseling services include: -

a). Assisting the individual student to achieve as much possible independence,

b). Understanding student’s behaviour and helping them understand their own beha viour and the process of behaviour change

c).Enhance the personal development and the psychological growth towards maturity,

d).Supporting and counseling socially and economically disadvantaged students,

e).Creating a sense of dignity and self worth.

Guidance and counseling in Thunguri Secondary School has enabled students to change their behaviour thereby promoting success in their studies.

Students have also been able to appreciate themselves and especially with the formation of family units in 2008. Every family has a teacher sponsor (parent) and about twenty students headed by two peer cousellors. This encourages diversity as members of  each family are drawn from all the forms; that is junior and senior students.

Peer counselors have played an important role in counseling students. Since they experience similar challenges in life.

Bearing in mind that Guiding and Counselling is a very essential part of the school, all need to appreciate it, make use of it so as to benefit.

In one way or the other, we need to get counsel as students so as to move ahead and become what we intend to be. In the midst of counselors, people never loose restraint (Proverbs 11:14)



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